Perfect Christmas Gifts for Wine Lovers

A woman spreading Christmas cheer by giving a festive gift to a group of wine lovers at a holiday party.
It’s that time of year again and trying to think of the perfect present for everyone is still as hard as it was last year. If you have wine lovers in your life, it can be easier to grab a classic bottle of wine that they’ll probably love. While we love a good bottle of wine as much as the next person, sometimes it can feel like getting another pair of socks. This year, why not find your wine loving friends and family something unique (but still wine related).

1. A Blind Wine Tasting Board Game

This is the perfect present for board game fanatics and wine lovers alike. They’ll be able to test their tasting abilities and wine knowledge with this easy-to-learn game. It’s like wine tasting without feeling snobby – plus you get to stay home and drink wine!

Check out the board game here.

2. Coravin Preservation System

Help your friends keep their wine for longer with a Coravin preservation system. There are lots of styles to choose from, so you can find the right one to suit.

Shop Coravin here.

3. Shower Wine Glass Holder

For the cheekier wine drinkers who love their Friday wind down routine, a shower wine glass holder is a must. This one from Uncommon Goods is more of an art piece – which is exactly what your wine deserves.

4. Wine and Food Pairing Cookbook

If you have a chef in your life, amateur or not, they might enjoy a food and wine pairing cookbook. Generally written with their wine expertise and knowledge, these cookbooks teach you about wine, what to pair it with, and why. We’ve heard great things about this one – plus it’s so pretty it would make the best coffee table book!

5. Wine Glass Chiller

Another unique (and artistic) gift from Uncommon Goods is this personal wine glass chiller. Even the most perfectly chilled wine doesn’t stay the right temperature once it’s out of the bottle. With this, you can always keep your favourite wines at perfect sipping temperature.

6. Cellartags

Good friends don’t let other friends waste wine. Cellartags is the perfect gift for all wine lovers (we may be bias, but it’s true). They will help you keep track of the bottles you loved, forget the ones you hated, and make sure no more drops go down the sink. Suitable for all cellars, big and small – get yours today!

Tag it. Find it. Enjoy it. Love your wine more with cellartags.

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