What is Pet Nat?

A man pouring wine, exploring the delightful realms of Pet Nat.
A new category of wine that’s been capturing the palates of wine enthusiasts around the globe is Pet Nat. Known for its unique flavours and artisanal appeal, Pet Nat has become a favourite among those who appreciate authentic and unfiltered wines.

What is Pet Nat?

Pet Nat is short for ‘Pétillant Naturel’, a French term that translates to ‘naturally sparkling’. It refers to a specific type of sparkling wine that is made using the ancestral method – aka méthode ancestrale or méthode artisanale. This method is one of the oldest ways of producing sparkling wines. It even predates the more well-known méthode traditionnelle (traditional method) used in the production of Champagne.

How is Pet Nat Made?

In this ancestral method, the wine is bottled before primary fermentation is complete, allowing the fermentation to finish in the bottle. This trapped carbon dioxide from the ongoing fermentation creates natural bubbles in the wine. Unlike the traditional method, where a secondary fermentation is induced by adding additional yeast and sugar to the base wine, the ancestral method relies solely on the residual sugars present in the grapes for carbonation.

The result is a more rustic and often less predictable style of sparkling wine compared to the refined and consistent Champagne-style wines produced using the traditional method. Pet Nats can be cloudy or slightly hazy due to minimal filtration and often exhibit vibrant and fresh flavours. They’re known for their lively and sometimes slightly funky character, making them a unique and trendy choice among wine enthusiasts.

Pet Nats can be made from various grape varieties and can be white, rosé, or even red in colour. They’re typically bottled with a crown cap (like a beer bottle cap) rather than the traditional Champagne cork and wire cage. Because of their less controlled fermentation and production process, each batch of Pet Nat can have its own distinctive taste and character, making them exciting and intriguing for those looking for something outside the norm.

If you’re looking to step outside the traditional world of sparkling wines and explore something rustic, vibrant, and full of character, try one of these Pet Nats:

  • ‘Shady Lane’ Pet Nat Pinot
  • ‘Dal Zotto’ Col Fondo Prosecco
  • ‘Tuff Nutt’ Bianco Pet Nat
  • ‘Weeping Juan’ Pink Pet Nat
  • ‘Range Life’ Pet Nat Chardonnay

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