Why We Organise Our Wine Collection

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The simple answer to this question is the philosophy behind why we started cellartags – because we love wine. Wine has been cherished and appreciated for centuries. Other than being a great storage solution, we organise our wine with more specific goals in mind.

Cellaring can often be an intricate practice that elevates the wine-drinking experience. Like we said, it’s not just a storage solution, but rather a choice to nurture and evolve the characteristics of a wine bottle over time. The purpose behind cellaring is to allow the wine to undergo a slow and controlled maturation process.

The results of this process are the reasons why we choose to cellar our bottles:

  • Tannin softening: Many red wines, particularly those high in tannins, can be harsh in their youth. Cellaring allows these tannins to mellow, resulting in a smoother taste.
  • Integration of Flavours: With time, the various components of a wine – such as fruit, acidity, and tannins – integrate more seamlessly. This contributes to a more balanced and nuanced flavour profile.
  • Aromas and Bouquet Development: Certain aromas and bouquets take time to unfold. Cellaring provides the ideal environment for these complex compounds to develop, enhancing the overall olfactory experience.
  • Longevity: Not all wines are meant to be consumed immediately. Cellaring can extend the lifespan of a wine so it can age gracefully and reach its peak at the right moment.

Great! Now you’ve got your reasons to cellar your wine, but how do you keep track of them? How do you know which wine to drink when? Our solution is tagging! As we like to say at cellartags – TAG IT. FIND IT. ENJOY IT.

Tagging your wine has the following benefits:

  • Organisational efficiency: Tagging allows you to categorise your collection efficiently. Whether by varietal, region, or vintage, a well-tagged cellar streamlines the process of finding the perfect bottle for every occasion.
  • Tracking age potential: Tags can serve as a record of when a wine was added to your cellar and what year it can be cellared up until. This information can help you when deciding which bottle to open.
  • Enhanced discovery: We love looking at our collection from time to time and reading the tags to see what treasures we discover. We often stumble across forgotten gems!

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Cellaring and tagging wine are both a hobby and a passion that transforms your wine experience. An organised cellar will empower you to enjoy each bottle at the perfect moment and savour every sip.

Start organising your wine collection today with cellartags. Pick the perfect colour for you and make your cellar uniquely yours.

TAG IT. FIND IT. ENJOY IT. with cellartags.

Love your wine more!

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